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Product description

As an alternative to conventional wall framing, we offer prefabricated wall panels. Our wall panels are assembled in a controlled environment bringing you a stronger, cleaner & more consistent product. As you’re completing concrete, we are behind the scenes manufacturing your panels so you can stand walls the day you’re ready!

  • Avoid weather delays with our superior Prefab Wall Panels
  • Full visibility of the project prior to and during construction through our wall design software.
  • Every jobsite supplied with snap sheets, layouts & wall elevation sheets giving you the roadmap to easy installation.
  • Anchor bolt layouts provided upon request to partner with your concrete sub for a seamless install.
  • All panels are constructed using top-quality nails to exceed specified code requirements.
  • Some of today’s challenging construction sites requires you to think outside the box due to space restrictions, wage requirements and several other factors. Contact a NorCal Salesman today to inquire about our prefab panels & let us go to work for you.

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